Decades of experience building the software you need.
Avenue 80 is a custom software development company who works with you, and not just for you. We don't gather requirements, disappear into our workshop and return with a completed product. Our approach is to involve you at every step, week by week, showing progress and getting your feedback, which we apply immediately. This is the only way to solve complex problems. We often find that what you thought you wanted isn't what you really needed. Priorities and visions shift, and instead of fighting it we embrace it and adapt, because ultimately we only succeed when you do.
The web has moved way beyond "home pages." We're talking full line of business apps now, the kind that excite your customers and take their orders all the way from collecting money to shipping product. Or maybe its the system you need to make your own internal processes run smoothly? Oh, and all the data that you need along the way to grow your business in nice, tabulated reports. We've come a long way from flaming logos and sock puppets.
Your data doesn't just sit there. Its gotta get up and dance, be the life of the party, and meet lots of other data, so you can get your job done and grow your business. In today's world, data is a river needing to wash all over your company, and then stream on to other companies and around the world. And you need to fill your own water tank with data from your partners so that all of you can make fast business critical decisions. We can build the pipes that help your data flow to wherever it needs to go, securely and safely.
Remember when people started talking about the web, and you thought "We better get on this, or our business is sunk?" Well, now we're talking about mobile platforms, and for most businesses its an important discussion. Having a solid mobile interface for your customers can give you an intimate connection to them, putting your company or product literally in the palm of their hand. Or perhaps Mobile is a new way for your own company to get things done, with employees working from every street corner, or having data at their fingertips? Mobile is no longer a matter of "If", but a matter of "When."
The best app in the world doesn't mean anything if people can't use it, or don't want to use it. UI design is so much more than color palette and pretty logos, its about providing information in such a way to let people get their jobs done easier. Its just as important to pick the right columns to show in a table as it is to make sure the table's colors don't clash with your logo. And, as some very successful companies have shown over the years, sometimes less is more. We help you wade through all of that, and build a system that doesn't just do the job, but does the job with style.
We aren't just a "go code in a cubical" company that takes your specs and hands out an install package with your code. We will help you at every step of the way, from concept through design through development through release and beyond. We're here to help you ask the right questions about whether what you need makes good business sense. We're there at the end to help you get the software up and running, and even to help maintain the system if you need us to. And in a couple months, when you are ready to add more, just call us up and we'll get right back to work. We don't just have clients, we grow partners for life.
go ahead. poke the icons. we dare you.
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First, we want to give our hearty Avenue 80 welcome to Tida Rask, a new employee here at Avenue 80.  Dave and Tida go way back to a little company called AnnuityNet.  We went our separate ways over the years, then were reunited last year when Tida came to work for us as a contractor.  John and I can’t be more thrilled that she’s now a full time part of our team! Second, we need another contractor!  We’ve just posted a new position on our Jobs page for a Web Application Contractor.  This would be an hourly contractor position, but […]