A new Team Member! – Now send us another!

First, we want to give our hearty Avenue 80 welcome to Tida Rask, a new employee here at Avenue 80.  Dave and Tida go way back to a little company called AnnuityNet.  We went our separate ways over the years, then were reunited last year when Tida came to work for us as a contractor.  John and I can’t be more thrilled that she’s now a full time part of our team!

Second, we need another contractor!  We’ve just posted a new position on our Jobs page for a Web Application Contractor.  This would be an hourly contractor position, but we have enough work right now and in the near future that we can probably keep you fully booked for a while. (like through 2013 at least)  And just like Tida, excellent members of our team might be asked to join us in a more permanent capacity.

This person needs to be a full-time contractor (or wants to become one) and be available during business hours.  (Sorry, no moon-lighters this time.)  But you’ll be working from home (or wherever you are comfortable and productive) and can be based anywhere in the United States.  Just know that we’re all in the Eastern Time Zone and have daily meetings at 10am.

We’re looking for someone who’s versed in Ruby on Rails and/or Microsoft.NET technologies.  Bonus points if you know one well and wouldn’t mind learning the other.  We’ll teach you.

So get in touch with us?

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