Our Founders

(or two wild and crazy guys)
Dave Sanders
president and co-founder

Dave has been working in software development and technical leadership since before the age of sock puppets and bursting bubbles. Growing up amongst failed business plans and poor processes, Dave has learned a lot about what works in software development and what doesn’t. No amount of marketing budget or a cube farm army of coders is going to fix a bad idea, or a bad plan. That’s where we come in.

Dave started in technology in 1995, doing desktop and user support, and quickly worked his way up the I.T. ranks to manage networks, email, and the rest of the “business lifeblood systems.” He then sidled into the programming world, working for companies such as USWeb, and Plural, building some of the first large e-commerce systems and corporate presences on the Internet. He then moved into the Application Service Provider for five years, and learned the right ways and wrong ways to ship products. After that, he started his own solo consulting company, Open Innovation Software, until he met back up with John (who he used to work with way back at USWeb).

John Talarico
v.p. and co-founder

John is a developer trapped in a designer’s body…or sometimes the other way around. Even though he designs and builds complex data-driven systems, he won’t sleep until every pixel is in its place. Because he knows that usability, look, and feel can transform an application from functional (ho-hum) to Killer. And if you want to get him going, just ask him about superfluous punctuation in national advertising.

Taking a slightly circuitous route, John found his way into technology through design. In 1992 he started his career as a advertising artist, though he was trained in computer graphics and procedural animation. During the web land-rush of the late 90s he found opportunities to meld his love of design with his fascination with technology. After a few side trips doing enterprise integration and software component product development, he teamed up with Dave Sanders to create a new flavor of consulting company — one that actually cares about delivering what the customer needs.

We love working with others.

If you are interested in working for, or sub-contracting with us, introduce yourself.