Jobs @ Avenue:80

Avenue 80 is looking to fill the following positions at this time.  But before you go and send us your resumé and cover sheet, there’s a few things you need to know about us first:

  1. We are a company with virtual, shared office space.  We do not have one central, physical location. We work 100% in the “cloud”, roaming the Intertubes like ancient migratory nomads. Therefore, you’re going to need to have your own equipment and be able to meet with us on Skype or GoToMeeting from time to time.  If you happen to reside in or near Fort Wayne, Indiana, or Syracuse, New York, then you’ll probably meet with us a decent amount face to face.
  2. This also means we have a relaxed, flexible environment.  As long as you get your job done and meet with us for a few minutes each day, we don’t care if you are an early-bird or a night-owl. But we are going to hold you to your commitments and expect you to communicate clearly and often.
  3. Our current job postings are contract-based positions.  This means we would hire you as a sub-contractor, pay you by the hour, and give you a 1099 for your taxes next year.  It’s completely up to you to manage your finances and tax payments.  At this time we also don’t offer additional benefits.  Again, this provides our employees with flexibility and freedom over a more traditional workplace.

Current Openings

If your skills don’t match up with one of these positions, but you would still like to contribute to the success of Avenue 80, by all means contact us at [email protected].