Our Skills

(or hand us that 3/8" wrench, would ya?)
Avenue 80 is a technology agnostic consulting company, we use the best tools needed for the job, but below are some favorites that we use in our day-to-day tasks. This is not a complete list. We work with a lot of different tech, so if you don’t see it just ask.  Even if we don’t know it, we can do some research and can give you our thoughts based on our experience with other tools.

Soft Skills

Specification, architecture, and design. We’ve written a lot of business and technical documents in our day, and done thousands of hours of whiteboard design sessions. Even if you don’t need our help to build your system, we can help you figure it all out or read what you have and give you advice.We’ve been using our own special brand of agile practices for project management for a long time. We’re real advocates of “you don’t know everything” and “work in small, measurable steps” and we can work with you to help you get your own shop skipping lightly down the agile path.We offer technology research and advice, because keeping up with the market is not easy for anyone, especially if your business isn’t technical in nature. Let us do the research for you, while you focus on what really matters.

Languages and Frameworks

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, along with many other third party libraries and gems.
Microsoft .NET up through 4.0, along with the usual libraries such as Entity Frameworks and MVC.
We tend to use C# the most, but can do Visual Basic.NET if required.

Web Based Technology

HTML of course, and specifically HTML5 wherever we can.
JavaScript is a must, and we augment that with jQuery and a vast array of plugins.
For single-page web applications, we use Backbone.js, and Marionette, and Node.js for client and server-side JavaScript processing.
SVG is something we’re finding use for as well, along with the excellent jQuery SVG library.

Operating Systems

Windows, OSX, and Linux (mainly Ubuntu, though we’re familiar with others.)

Our Daily Organization and Communication Tools

These are the tools that we use on a daily basis, and tools we’ll often ask you to use as well.  Don’t worry.  We’ll train you if needed.Atlassian JIRA is our task and project management system, and is the core of our agile processes and customer interaction.Atlassian Confluence is our wiki / knowledge management system

Atlassian FishEye – an excellent tool for tracking our source code per JIRA task

GitHub with the git version control system – We use private git repositories to share code between ourselves, and with our clients.  This also keeps your code safe on a third party system in case of hardware failure.

Remote Desktop, VNC, and SSH are three different methods that we connect to your servers to deploy code, troubleshoot issues, and help you maintain the system.

Amazon AWS and RDS are Amazon’s cloud based web host and relational database services.  We use them for ourselves (this site is hosted there) and for our clients, when requested or required.

Heroku is an excellent, turn-key, Ruby on Rails host that we recommend everyone use.  We use it for any Rails projects we’re doing for ourselves or our customers.

Skype is great for voice calls with our clients.

Go To Meeting is what we use when we need to share screens or do presentations with our clients.  Many of our clients prefer it to Skype since they can easily conference over a normal phone line.

Need some help sorting out your tech junk drawer? Get in touch.