Our Story

(or There and Back Again)

Decades of experience building the software you need.

Avenue 80 is a technology company that focuses on custom software development.  While we are a fairly new company (est. 2011), our founders, Dave Sanders and John Talarico, have been working in I.T. and software development for almost two decades. They were building some of the first ecommerce sites on the web, back when sock puppets were king and “the Amazon” was still just a river in Brazil. We haven’t seen everything, but we have seen our share of terrific successes and horrible failures.

We bring experience of failure to your success.

There are only 2 types of software developers: those who have failed, and those who lie about it. Experimental technologies, vague requirements, improper project staffing (both too large and too small)…these are just a handful of problems that lead to project implosion.  Over the years, we have suffered many of these projects pitfalls ourselves and with each we’ve learned and adapted. Our customers benefit from that experience.The best way to avoid traps is knowing where they are. We have learned the right way to define and plan a project that helps you achieve your goals.  Not just the goals you have right now, but the goals you will have halfway through the project as the world and your business changes.

We’re hungry.

There are many companies bigger than us.  Some have literally thousands of 9-to-5 developers awaiting your every command, ready to lay down tens of thousands of lines of code per day to meet your exact specifications, assuming those specification are fully documented and set in stone.We bring something else to the table – a hunger to build the best systems we can, and a hunger to help our customers upgrade and streamlinetheir business.  We get goose bumps and give high fives when someone tells us how much easier their job has become, or when someone reads a report showing increased sales or productivity.  To us, customers are not just customers. They are a validation of our abilities, excitement, and effort.

*plus a modest consulting fee, of course.

Let’s talk.

Even if you aren’t sure what you want, we want to help.  We have listened to countless business owners tell us about their their challenges and upcoming opportunities.  Most have solutions drawn up in their head, but need help bringing those solutions to life.
Others know that there has to be a better way but haven’t found it yet.  We love hearing about new projects, brainstorming, and giving advice, even if we don’t get a job out of it.  Being helpful is good for the soul. It builds long lasting relationships and networks that pay us back 100-fold.

Talk to us today. We’re here to listen.