Our Work

(or Meet the Family)

What have we done?  Plenty.  Here’s just a little taste.

Solutions Partner: One Lucky Guitar, Inc.

One Lucky Guitar is a marketing and advertising firm in Fort Wayne, Indiana that we have partnered with to provide technical solutions for their customers.  With their brilliant right-brain design and marketing chops, and our left-brain development skills, we’re a perfect team for your next project.

We worked with the Avenue80 team to overhaul and launch a substantial website for an incredibly important client. The Ave80 guys worked as an extension of our own team—providing not just high-end development and coding, but also proactive ideas and real, solution-oriented responsiveness.
– Matt Kelley, owner, One Lucky Guitar, Inc.
Bio-Reference Laboratories – GeneDx LIMS
We have been a partner with GeneDx and then later Bio-Reference Laboratories since 2006, building and then maintaining and upgrading their web-based Laboratory Information Management System, or LIMS. This internal system manages over 1500 genetic diagnostic tests that GeneDx fulfills, from accession through report generation.  We’re especially proud of a custom document generation system that lets geneticists write their report findings quickly and efficiently, then publish them back to physicians across multiple different mechanisms, including electronically.
Working with Avenue80 has been a pleasure. Not only have they been able to bring to realization our complex management system, their ability to adapt to our ever changing needs has been exemplary. As someone without a background in the computer sciences, it is refreshing to have individuals with the ability to not just understand our needs, but who can also comment on tools and advances in their field, which can be correlated to our goals. I look forward to our continued work and recommend Avenue80 to any individuals looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable staff to handle their software development needs.
– Chris Lauricella, genetic counselor, GeneDx
PestNow, LLC
PestNow, formerly Superior Termite, is a pest control company with offices all over the Washington D.C. metro area.  We built their first web based order management and routing system, and they liked it so much that we’re now building their next generation system in preparation for rapid growth with their franchisees.
Open Automation Software
Open Automation Software (OAS) is a software development company that has provided powerful HMI and SCADA tools for monitoring and automating manufacturing processes since 1993. We’ve helped OAS and their customers with development support, particularly related to web application technologies.
Dart Communications
Dart is a leader in internet communications components for Microsoft developers. With thousands of users worldwide, they are known for producing robust, reliable ActiveX and .NET components to add communications protocol support to a wide range of applications. We work together to create end-to-end solutions, combining our respective skills in low and high level application design.

Open Source Projects

We believe in and use a lot of open source for various projects, We also contribute fixes and add-ons when we are able.  Some of these are:

  • Json.NET - THE standard, as far as we’re concerned, for using JSON in .NET code.
  • MigSharp - A .NET library for managing database migrations.

We also have some future open source project ideas of our own, so stay tuned.

Technologies We Use

We use many different technologies, and frameworks to craft our solutions.  Browse our extensive list here.